My week in Sweden 29.2-4.3

So again I’m at sweden, but this time in other school. It’s in vinslöv, witch is few miles from hässleholm. I’ll try to make this short so it won’t be too boring to read. so let’s get to it

Day 1. (29.2)
We left from my house at 9.15 and went to pick  up Venla and then drove to the airport. We met at the airport and did our checkings, our flight left at 12 o’clock and it went well.
We landed a bit early around 12:35 on the local time. We ate at the airport and me and my friends ate at BK (Burger King).
We went to the train and half of us dropped off in hässleholm and half of us continued to vinslöv.
We met our hosts at 15:30 and went to their houses. We ate and got to know each other little better.
We all met at Tova’s house who is Kielo’s host. We played truth or dare and ate popcorn.
After a lot of laughing we all left to our houses and went to bed.

Day 2 (1.3)
We woke up, ate and left to school, we attended to our hosts classes and one big difference is that their classes can be 80min long. After a few hour of staying in school we ate there and we started to walk to the Railway station. We hopped to the train and went to Hässleholm. There we had a city tour and we had to walk around the city and  we did the mission that the Swedish people had done us. After that we did some shopping and went to a cafe and wasted our time in the city. After a few hours we went to the school to watch a movie and spent the night. In the night went to Alice’s Place.

Day 3 (2.3)
After we had woke up we went to the school as normal. We stayed there for a few hours after we went to the Railway station and took a train to Kristianstad. First we visited the Naturum museum. Then we walked to the mall and did some shopping there. After about two hours we were so tired of shopping so we decided to went to eat. Then it was time to take the train back to Vinslöv. That night we went to Frida’s Place who is Maria’s host. We had a really nice night: we ate a lot and sang karaoke. One of the best nights we had here in Sweden. We had an awesome time together!

Day 4 (3.3)
After waking up we went to school and we were there all day. After school we went to our homes and then we went bowling. We had a competition full of laughing and good time. After bowling we ate some really good food. We had to sit next to a some Swedish people. There were hamburgers, ribs, pasta and salad. After the bowling night we went to Johannas place. We played just dance and it was so fun! Everyone danced and sang. When we had to leave, we were all pretty sad because it was our last night together.

Day 5 (4.3)
We woke up, left to school and now we’re writing this blog. Our plans are fllowing:
We leave to Hässleholm at 14:50 on a train and do our final shoppings. Our train to Copenhagen leaves at 16:44. We will chill at the airport and leave back to Finland.

Probably the biggest differences we noticed were
Shoes inside
Benches outside the class
No trays in the cafeteria
Longer lessons
Gym in different building


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